Why The Armory

We are America's largest online firearms and accessories mall, yet we are much, much more:
We have a retail location in central Alabama that is distinctly different from any others in the region, with a loyal customer base due to the unique scope of offerings and range of services we provide. "This place is so unique; there’s not another place like it." (The Armory Client).

We are family-friendly, and enthusiastically welcome female gun enthusiasts as well as those completely new to the firearms experience
. We offer classes, expert advice, and guidance on the use and maintenance of firearms and the basic preparation needed, whether your desire is to hunt, to shoot for sport, or to respond appropriately in times when self-protection is of paramount importance.
We have expertise in a skill that is rarely found today: Gunsmithing --- with proven, experienced gunsmiths on staff capable of responding to our clients’ custom gunsmith requests.
We have a manufacturing side of the business, featuring the hammer weapon system, and we build our own AR (ArmaLite rifle) platform. 

We can do rush orders with same day turnaround.
As lifelong gun enthusiasts with deep family roots in the military, we’re preserving history with a living, working museum collection of fully restored military firearms, dating from World War I and II and beyond. Our unique collection includes weapons, helmets, ammunition belts, Germany's first light-infantry machine gun from 1932 (one of nine functioning in the world), an M2 Heavy Barrel machine gun, a Japanese flag from World War II, a 1942 original untouched Ford GPW Jeep, an MG 42 - nicknamed "Hitler's buzzsaw" - with an actual mount from Normandy, France, the largest collection of original prints by Army veteran Stookie Allen - a noted artist of cartoons and engineering drawings during World War II - and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned marksman looking to add to your collection, or a complete newcomer to firearms looking to learn the basics of purchasing your first gun and seeking the training needed to use it, we enthusiastically welcome you to our site and to the The Armory Family.

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