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The Armory represents the largest selection of NFA-regulated weapons in the state, and we provide a “one-stop shop” for the application process to legally acquire NFA firearms.

We offer a wide selection of suppressors and machine guns and provide a much-needed time-saving convenience for customers who desire to purchase what are commonly referred to as Class 3 weapons. Whether you choose the ATF Form 4 application for transfer and registration, or you choose to establish a gun trust - a special type of trust designed to address issues that are unique to firearms - we bring subject matter expertise in both processes.

What often takes multiple days or even weeks with other dealers (who will typically send applicants to several different places to get what they need for the complex, multi-step application process) can be accomplished in one brief visit at The Armory. That’s why people will travel from distant states to come to our store to get our help in submitting their application. We walk you through the entire stamp process, we take care of fingerprinting, photos, etc., assemble all paperwork in the store, and even mail your package out for you.

There is of course a mandated waiting process after the application is in the mail, but we save the customer many hassles and unnecessary trips by providing this unique one-stop service.

"This place is so unique; there’s not another place like it." (The Armory Client).

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