8 Tips for the First Time Gun Owner


If you are considering becoming a first-time owner of a handgun, or any other kind of gun, the process can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to help ease the anxiety you may be feeling in taking the step to your first gun purchase:

Know Your “Why”

Be clear on why you want a gun, for where and for what purposes. Are you a parent? Live in a high crime rate area? Is your priority to protect loved ones and the life you’ve built for them? Do you work in a high-risk area and need a concealed carry weapon? If it's for home defense, what’s mobility like in your home? Are there a lot of tight corners in your home? Asking and answering these kinds of questions will help narrow down the best choice for you.

Never FEAR

The cure for F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), is knowledge combined with action. Commit yourself to learn about guns and gun safety. Do some reading on the type of gun you have in mind to purchase, and some research about proper handling of a gun. A gun isn’t intrinsically evil, so get rid of your fear by getting familiar with it.

Don't Listen to Those Who Do Fear Guns

Anti-gun sentiment is out there. But no matter what you may hear, guns are safe when properly stored and handled. People that say otherwise usually have little to no experience with them. Like all technology, gun technology has advanced, guns are safer to use than ever, and there are many excellent options for gun safes to help you feel more secure storing a gun in your home. Gun users are some of the most safety-conscious you’ll ever meet – they’ll be the first to tell you that if not treated with respect, guns can be dangerous, and they’ll share with you what they’ve learned about how to be as safe as possible.

Proper Etiquette in the Gun Shop?

Yes, there is such a thing. Google the phrase “gun shop etiquette” and a number of articles will pop up about the unwritten rules of how to conduct yourself while browsing a fine selection of firearms and accessories. Remember that each employee at the shop speaks with many people a day, a lot of whom are new to firearms. Knowing and abiding by these unwritten rules will ensure a smooth, safe and respectful transaction and purchase.

Don’t Be Distracted by Shiny Objects

“Cool” guns are available in abundance… from shiny to colorful to bad to the bone. But for your first gun purchase, it is usually best to go with a staple, a basic, fundamentally sound firearm that is safe, easy to disassemble, and accurate.

Educate Your Family

Should your family and kids know about that gun you have in the house? Yes. They shouldn’t be able to access it freely, but they should be aware of it and respectful. Teach your kids some common safety rules: If you see the gun outside its safe 1) Do not touch it; 2) Get out of that room; 3) Tell Mom and Dad immediately. When they are older, teach them the basics of gun safety and how to properly handle a gun with respect. Doing so will help ensure your family’s safety.

For the Married Man: Make Sure You Buy a Gun Your Spouse Can Handle

Choose a gun that is easy to handle and one that your wife would feel safe using. Better yet – have your wife get properly fitted for a gun that fits her hand and abilities. Make sure she is trained to the point of being comfortable and not intimidated handling it, so that if you are not home, nothing should hold her back from using it in case of an intruder.

Budget for More than Just the Gun

Beyond purchasing the gun itself, there are several accessories you are going to need to be a safe operator of that firearm (bullets, ammunition storage, holster, safety eyewear, ear protection, a range bag, a gun safe, etc.). Get some help, do some research on the essential accessories, and budget accordingly.


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